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What is the difference between 배우다 with 공부하다?

Also 살피다, 알아보다.

Which one should I use if I want to say
- "learn dance"?
- "learn Korean"?
- "learn about someone"?

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    Sentences you wrote in Korean
    춤을 배우다.
    한국어를 공부하다.
    다른 사람에 대해 알다/알아보다.

    배우다 is to learn
    공부하다 is to study
    알다 is to know

    In English, learn has broad meaning, but in Korean it is more specified.
    배우다 - when you learn from someone else(generally teacher)
    공부하다 - when you study by yourself(when you are learning from a teacher, it should be 한국어를 배워요)
    알다 - if you mean learn about some historical person it would be either 배우다 or 공부하다, but if not, then you're knowing/ trying to know someone else and in that case we use 알다/알아 보다 which means 'to know'.

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