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For ㄹ 거예요, what should we use in formal form?

Is it "겁니다", "거입니다", or "것입니다?"

Thank you in advance!^^

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    You can use "-ㄹ 겁니다" or "-ㄹ 것입니다" for the formal form of it.:)

    I will do it
    = 그것을 할 거예요.
    = 그것을 할 것입니다.
    = 그것을 할 겁니다.

    As for "거입니다", "거" is the spoken form of "것".
    -ㄹ 것입니다 = -ㄹ 거입니다 = -ㄹ 겁니다(거입 => 겁)

    In terms of grammar, "-ㄹ거입니다" is correct but "-ㄹ것입니다" or "-ㄹ겁니다", which is the contraction of "-ㄹ거입니다" is preferred in everyday Korean.



    You can use both 것입니다 & 겁니다.

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