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kein oder nicht?

I don't know how to use kein and nicht correctly

Ich habe kein Füller.
Ich habe nict Füller.

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    kein = nicht ein

    So it does negate a noun, but only when the indefinite article is used.

    Ich habe einen Füller -> Ich habe keinen Füller.
    Ich habe den Füller -> Ich habe nicht den Füller (aber den Kugelschreiber).

    "Ich habe kein Füller" is incorrect (wrong ending).
    "Ich habe nicht Füller" is incorrect.

    When it is strongly emphasized, it's also possible to use "nicht ein" instead of "kein":
    Ich habe nicht einen Füller, sondern zwei.

    When it's not emphasized, "kein" should be always used instead.

    (BTW, if you want to negate the verb instead of the noun, there's a bunch of different issues, but I suppose that wasn't the question)

    'Nicht' negates a verb.
    'Kein' negates a noun.
    It's like 'not' and 'no' in English, except 'not' requires an auxilary verb in English, whereas 'nicht' applies to any verb in German.

    It seems to me that both of your sentences are grammatically correct (except 'nict' should 'nicht'), but I've been told that only "Ich habe kein..." is natural. Apparently "Ich habe nicht..." sounds very awkward in German.

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