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What does "絶対的難易度の補助基準着こなしが楽か" mean?

I have a text translate to, and I already searched all of the words in the dictionary, but even with that, I just can't find the meaning of this sentence...and because of that, the whole text's contents is also just blank... T,T
Please, help me!

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    「絶対的難易度の補助基準」and「着こなしが楽か」are separate phrases.
    They can be rephrased as 「言語の絶対的難易度(=他の言語と比べるのではなく、そのものの難しさ)を計算するための補助的な基準」「言語を服に例えて言えば、”着こなしが楽かどうか”が基準となる」

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