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How would you explain “in the beginning” in the context?


In the beginning were the howlers. They always commenced their bellowing in the first hour of dawn, just as the hem of the sky began to whiten. It would start with just one: his forced, rhythmic groaning, like a saw blade. That aroused others near him, nudging them to bawl along with his monstrous tune. Soon the maroon-throated howls would echo back from other trees, farther down the beach, until the whole jungle filled with roaring trees. As it was in the beginning, so it is even* morning of the world.

In the first and last sentences, there is a same phrase: in the beginning. How would you explain it? The beginning of what?

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    The first one seems to be talking about the beginning of the dawn, the first thing that signals that morning will come soon. It implies that is happens every morning.

    The last one seems to be referring to the beginning of life, that since these animals first existed, things have been happening in the same order every day since then.

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