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Does “junior assistant” and “intern” the same here

Does “junior assistant” and “intern” the same here? What does “a senior aide to a lesser figure”mean? does “less figure” mean “less famous coach?”

【 If you want to be a football coach, you’ll be a heck of a lot better off spending a year as a junior assistant to a Bill Belichick or an intern to John or Jim Harbaugh then as a senior aide to a lesser figure. 】

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    Interns are people that spend some time working in a company (sometimes paid, sometimes not) in order to get experience.
    Junior Assistants probably do the same kind of work, but do so for full pay and are permanent.
    "Senior Aide to a lesser figure" means to be a more important assistant to someone that's less important than the last person you worked for. "Lesser figure" probably does mean "less important coach" in this context, but not all the time.

    So, he's suggesting that the person spend some time doing unimportant work for important people, so they'll find it easier to go on and do important work for unimportant people.

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