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what's the Difference ? ( 사랑 노래를 싫어 / 사랑 노래가 싫어)

안녕하세요 ,,
it's my first time asking a Question in here ♥

okay .. i know that i should use 을\를 with objects
so if i want to say ..( I hate this love song) i should say .. 이 사랑 노래를 싫어 ..

but in a korean song Lyrics i found that they used (이/가 the subject marking particles ) instead of using the ( 을\를 object marking particles ) 이 사랑 노래가 싫어 ..
.. So why ? ,, what is the difference ? the( song) is the object so how it becomes the subject ?

thanks in advance
고마워요 ♥

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    "사랑 노래를 싫어" doesn't make sense because "싫어" is used as an adjective here. Korean adjectives do not take objects.

    Here are two versions of "hate" in Korean.
    1. As an adjective, -은/는/이/가 싫다
    "사랑 노래가 싫어" would make a perfect sense.
    2. As a transitive verb, -을/를 싫어하다
    "사랑 노래를 싫어해"


    싫다 isn't a verb, so it doesn't use 을/를. Only 이/가 are usable for this verb.

    There are many cases where words that are verbs become adjectives in Korean, another good example being 밉다.

    Oops, I contradicted myself, it should say "Only 이/가 are usable for this adjective."

    한국어에서 일반적으로

    나는 사랑 노래를 싫어해
    나는 사랑 노래가 싫어

    이렇게 씁니다..
    I''m Korean native speaker. So I don't know the grammar rule. But it's right.

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