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"Rest of the..."の日本語は何ですか?

For example:

1. Only 5 of us passed the exam while the rest of them failed.

2. You gave me 5 books. I read 2 of them. I lost the rest of them. (<-This sentence is just for my own understanding; a more natural way of saying this in English is actually, "I lost the other 3".)

3. I don't have any plans for the rest of the week.


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    rainbowさんの1の訳は私は完璧だと思います。ただ、「while 〜」の部分をあえて付け加えるなら「他の人は不合格でしたが、5人だけ合格しました。」などになると思います。

    2: (if you need to give those books back, ) 5冊の本を貸してもらいました。
    (if those books were gifts and don't need to be returned, )5冊の本をもらいました。
    if you want to make those 2 sentences very polite, you can say 「いただき」, instead of 「もらい」.
    2冊はもう読みましたが、残りの ( or あとの) 3冊はなくしました。(or 3冊はなくなりました)

    3: 今週は (or その週は etc.) 他に予定がありません。

    Ganbatte kudasai :)


    I am chinese.but my major is Japanese.I have learned Japanese for about one years.But not good at it.The answer to the above is for reference only.If necessary, I can ask my teacher, and then give you an answer.

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