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-게 하다, -게 되다


I'm still a little murky on understanding -게 하다 and -게 되다.
V-게 하다 = to make/let V
V-게 되다 = to be made to V

Are the following correct?

제 친구들을 항상 놀라게 해요.
I always surprise my friends.
(I always make my friends surprised.)

고래들을 보고 (보면) 항상 깜짝 놀라게 돼요.
I am always amazed at seeing whales.
(I see whales and I always come to be amazed.)

Do I have that mostly right?


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    100% correct, but you can also say "고래들을 보면 항상 깜짝 놀라요" for the second one.
    The Korean language is not that specific.:)


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