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what's the meaning of 'ojok rame-rame' and hoe to use it? thanks

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    "ojok rame-rame" is javanese language especially use in east java like surabaya.

    ojok = don't
    rame - rame in javanese means noise

    You can use it when you want telling your friend for do not noise at the moment or you also can use it when your telling a secret and you don't wanna more people knows about it.

    maybe you mean 'ojo rame-rame'

    ojo= jangan = don't
    rame-rame = ramai=ramai = a lot of peoples

    in fact, it is bahasa jawa (java language). i am not a javanese but i am trying to give help.

    ojo rame-rame is used for direct conversation. it means that the speaker don't want there are a lot of people. it is also maybe caused the speaker don't like crowd.

    if this words usually used when the speaker wanna make a appointment (meeting) with you. it means that he/she want you come alone (without your friends) to meet him/her. if it is about situation, the speaker wanna told you that he/she don't like bustling atmosphere (noise)

    It's from Javanese. Should be written as "Aja rame-rame!" but people tend to write it as "Ojo rame-rame".

    'Aja' means "Don't... " (in Indonesian: "Jangan...")
    'rame-rame' (in Indonesian: ramai-ramai) has 2 meanings, the first one 'to be noisy', the other one is 'to be crowded'. So depending on the context "Aja rame-rame"/"Jangan ramai-ramai" could mean "Don't be noisy/Shut up/Be quiet" or "Don't be crowded".

    The first case obviously can be used if you want to tell people or children to be quiet. The second case can be used when you're visiting someone in hospital with your friend but you don't want the room to be crowded (take turns to go inside).

    Ah, if you think your sentence would be ambiguous, in Indonesian you could say "Jangan berisik" (Don't be noisy) instead of "Jangan ramai-ramai".

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