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Thinking about "se, ka, ki, tha, thi, ko, hai, hoon, kar, ne, pe, hain". How to use these all?

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    1- Ka (m) , Ki (f) = is used as possessive bond = key lock ( talaa ki chabi )
    chabi = key , talaa = lock - here we used (ki) because it refers to the key (f)
    the usage depends on object after the (ki,ka)
    2- thi (f), tha(m) = was
    ex: vuh khubsurah (hai) = she (is) beautiful / vuh khubsurat (thi) = she (was) beautiful.
    3- hai = is - ex: mera naam Dewi hai = my name is Dewi
    4- hoon = am - ex: main Indonesia (se) hoon.
    also (se) here means (from)
    5- hain = are - ex: ap angreez (hain) = you (are) British
    6- ne = main ne kaha = I said/told ( used when an action happens in the past)
    7- kar is from the verb (karna) which mean (do)
    ex: main akeela kya (karta)? = what could I do alone? - male speaker (kar-ta)

    Hope that helps :)


    1. Se : Aap SE milna hai.
    2.Ka : Aap KA nam kia hai ?
    3.Ki : Aap KI taleem kitney hai ?
    4.Tha : May London may rehta THA..
    5.Thi : May college jati TH I.
    6. Ko : Aap KO jana hai.
    7.Hai : Merey pas cell-phone HAI.
    8.Hoon: May Karachi mey rehta HOON.
    9.Kar : Aap kya KAR hehey han.
    10. Ne: Aap NE mera nam suna hai ?
    11. Pe: Meiz (table) PE likhyee.
    12. Hain : Aap kahan ke rehney wale HAIN.

    You are doing excellent job. italki is your own platform, please keep up this good work. Wishing you a pleasant Language learning.

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