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1)what's the difference between 끝나다 and 끝내다?
2)what's the difference between 보다 and 보러 가다 .for example: 영화를 보다 VS 영화를 보러 가다
3)무슨 VS 어떤
for example : 무슨 영화였어요? vs 어떤 영 화였어요?

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    1) 끝나다 is "Passive" and 끝내다 is "Active". I will use class(수업) as an example.
    수업이 끝나다: class has finished, when you're a student, class will finish by itself, you can't end the class.
    수업을 끝내다: You(or specified subject) finished the class.

    2) 보다: to see, a simple verb
    보러 가다: go to see a movie

    3)무슨 : Asking about something or some object when you don't have any knowledge of it
    어떤: asking about the specific stuff, characteristics.

    무슨 영화에요?: What movie is it? (e.g. What is the name of the movie?)
    어떤 영화에요?: (Specifically) What kind/type of movie is it?

    Wrote it in a hurry.
    Is this clear? If you have any question, please reply below.

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