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i need some examples to the words


Can someone give me about two examples to sentences including each word?

1. 被雷到了。 好雷人啊!

2. 引线短



5 .伤钱包

Thank you very much!

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    除了 "誰在作怪" 臺灣人會用之外
    其餘 在臺灣並不通行

    "引線短" 是這個笑話吧? :
    在這裡 指的是 以火藥的 DOWN-LEAD 隱喻男性生殖器官

    跨過線 踩紅線 在中國政府對外交涉時 的常用官方語彙

    具體的意義 端視上下文


    These are not words, but sentences or phrases. Exactly what words do you want example sentences for?

    the first one is You make me sick. The second one is The lines short. The third one is cross over the line. The fourth is Who is misbehaving. The last one is Money is used out. Well I hope it can help.

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