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anyone can explain these lines for me, lamiyatul 3rab shanfara

وكل أبي باسل، غير أنني إذا عرضت أولى الطرائد أبسل

وإني مدت الأيدي إلى الزاد لم أكن بأعجلهم إذا أجشع القوم أعجل

i try to understand these two lines but i couldnt :'( , actually i understand every meaning of the words but i dont know the whole meaning..

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    Those two lines are from Lamiyat Al 3arab by Al Shanfara. It's really hard to understand even for Arabic native speaker, since it was written more than 10 centuries ago!
    Anyway, I thing you should do is to read the poem as whole, because the meaning of those 2 lines rely on the previous lines.

    I came across this explanation of many lines of that poem, including the ones you mentioned:

    I hope that was helpful

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