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what does hoselam mean


I'm bored is hoselam sar raft. Am i correct? I don't know how to spell hoselam and i don't know what it means. does the 'sar raft' part mean 'my head is gone', as in my mind?

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    You are correct about the meaning of "hoselam sar raft".
    "Sar raftan" or "sar-riz kardan" means "to overflow".
    EXAMPLE: 1- Agar shir ra begozarid ke ziad bejooshad, SAR MIRAVAD.
    1- If you let the milk boil much, it'll OWERFLOW.
    2- Agar baran kheili ziad bebarad, sad-ha momken ast SAR-RIZ KONAD.
    2- If it rains too much, the dams may OVERFLOW.

    The word "hoselam" is actually made of "hosele+am".
    حوصله doesn't have an exact meaning in English but its definition is: "mood of feeling to be able to do something".
    I'll write some examples for you to learn how to properly use the word "hosele" in Farsi.

    EXAMPLE: 1- Man HOSELE NADARAM ke football bazi konam.
    1- I can't play football.
    2- Aya HOSELE DARI ke be forooshgah beravi?
    2- Can you go to the shop?

    As you can see "hosele" comes with "dashtan/nadashtan".

    NOTE: if you translate "hoselam sar raft" word by word your translation will be "my ""hosele"" overflowed". In other words you have the mood of feeling able to do anything but you have no idea what to do! And by that we mean "I'm bored".

    I think the best word in english for (Hosele) is mood,for example when you're not feeling well or you cant do anything you say (حوصله ام سر رفته است) in Farsi.

    But Always try to be in a good mood! :D

    Polina explained the subject thoroughly, but I want to add some points.

    'Hoselam sar raft' is usually used when something is not interesting for you anymore and you want to do another thing instead. For example, when you are at home with your friend for awhile you tell him: Hoselam sar raft, bia berim birun.

    About Polina's examples:

    1- Man HOSELE NADARAM ke football bazi konam.
    I think that a more accurate translation of this sentence is: I am not in the mood for playing football.
    2- Aya HOSELE DARI ke be forooshgah beravi?
    Are you in the mood for shopping?

    Also, 'Bi hosele budan' is an expression which means ' be in a mood' for example:
    Emruz kheili bi hosele hastam.

    P.N: According to Longman dictionary:

    be in a mood: to feel unhappy, impatient, or angry and to refuse to speak normally to other people.

    be/feel in the mood (for something): to feel that you would like to do something .

    For pronounce "Hoselam" i can show you a simple way

    sound of "o" in this word like "go"..."e" like "check"..."a" like "cat"

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