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I noticed that in manga and songs lyrics there are Kanji (and sometimes Katakana) that have unrelated Furigana.

I can't explain well, so here's an example from manga:
The Furigana for 男女 is written as ふたり. Why is that?
Why not writing 二人 or writing だんじょ as Furigana instead?

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    I know, this kind of things happen often.
    It's a good question.
    I think Furigana is used for two purpose.
    One is for helping readers to read some difficult Kanji, that is also hard for even Japanese speaker.
    Another is to add meanings or to explain situation exactly.
    In this example, when the speaker is saying ふたり, the author wants to explain 男女.
    But if the speaker says あのふたりのだんじょ, it sounds too long or unnatural, so the author used unphonetic Furigana.
    That's why this conflict happened.
    It's a common way to express in Japanese, though, I know it makes Japanese learners confused.

    When you're speaking of two people or a pair it would be ふたり in the same way if you were to say one person alone it would be ひとり and not いちひと。So it's not really unrelated at all.

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