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difference between 'meyra naam' and 'meyre waalid ka naam'

When I say 'meyra naam' there is alif and when I say meyre waalid ka naam there is bari yay?

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    WezZy is correct that mere is possessive for plural (masculine).
    In addition, the post-positions also change possessive pronoun and nouns ending in "a" to "e"
    mera beta (my son) but
    merE betE ka (of my son)
    So whether you use plural (respect form) or singular for "walid", it will remain "merE walid ka" because of the post-position "ka" :)

    mere(pl)" are possessive pronouns
    Ex: mera naam
    meri kitab
    mere dost(friends)

    - In the first sentence we said (mera) because naam is masculine noun.
    - While in the next sentence - mere walid ka naam .... - with parents we use plural as sign for respect therefore "mere walid".

    Happy learning :)

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