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Can someone please translate the following into Russian?

1) to be (are, is)
2) to have
3) to like
4) to want
5) to go
6) to live

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    1) to be (are, is)-быть
    2) to have-иметь
    3) to like-нравиться
    4) to want-хотеть
    5) to go-идти,ехать
    6) to live-жить

    Points 1 and 2 depend on a purpose. As you probably already know, we don't have that sentence structure with the verb "to be" in Russian.
    1) So in sentences like "I'm a teacher", the verb "to be" is simply omitted "Я учитель".
    You can translate personal pronoun as personal pronoun + appropriate form of the verb "to be". Like "Я" is the word for I, you can translate as I'm in such sentences.

    2) We also have diffirent sentence construction for the verb "to have" in the meaning of somebody have got something.
    "У меня есть машина" ("I've got a car")
    "У" + genetive of the possesor+ "есть" (there is/there are) + nominative case of the possesed thing.

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