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Is this sentence correct? I am trying to use the 不但。。。而且 structure.

and I am trying to say that a long time ago, not only was it a very dark night but it was also very windy.

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    I am so sorry.It is not correct.
    很久以前,在一个漆黑多风的夜晚。not only.......but also.....表示强调,可以不翻译( To express emphasis and can not translate)

    you should say:很久以前,在一个夜黑风高的傍晚(夜晚or晚上)......!i feel your this sentence is very hummer!not only.......but also.....是一个表示递进和进层关系的复句, For example:matt 不但英文好,而且(并且)中文也很棒!

    It is correct because when I saw it, I knew what you meant. It is enough though it is a bit funny. I always make my english funny too. But my purpose is to let the people of english speaking can understand what I mean not about my grammar problems.

    The answers above are all good. I would like to make it simpler. This can be 曾有一晚,月黑风高。I hope it can help.

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