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못& (르)러 가/오가

1)못해요 or 못 해요?with space or not?
2)한국어책 or 한국어 책?with space?
3)when using (으)러 가/오다, do we need to mention the place? as I have seen that for example:수업을 끝내고 밥을 먹으러 갔어요.If in that case,we don't know where to have meal so is ot correct?

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    1) They are actually different words.

    못해요: Meaning you can do it, but you're not good at it.
    못 해요: it is 못+해요 which implies the meaning cannot to the verb following it, to do(하다).

    2) 한국어책 is right. You don't need to separate it when you mean Korean book.

    3) What you wrote it correct, it is not necessary to mention the place. You mention place to make the sentence specific.

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