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use of كل

Ahlan bikom,
I would like to know how to use properly in arabic the word كل.
If I say كل يوم it means "every day", but how can i say all days, and all the day??
can i say:
كل اليوم
كل الأيام


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    Yes, you can say ‎كل الأيام‎.
    But ‎كل اليوم‎ is unnatural. If you want to say "all the day" you can say ‎طوال اليوم‎.

    I slept all the day.
    أنا نمت طوال اليوم

    Hope this helps.

    كل يوم = every day
    كل اليوم = all the day
    كل الأيام = all days

    كل الأيام


    The word كل sometimes means " every " like : every day , everyone and sometimes means " all " like : the all day

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