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"你一言我一话" 这句有什么意思呢?

还有,在立交桥的下面也聚集着一堆一堆的人,有的蹲着, 有的坐着,都瞪着眼看着地下。走近一看,原来他们是在下棋呢。大伙儿你一言我一话,有的还大声地争了起来。

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    That means "you say something and I respond something".I mean its near "conversations" ,aming to describe a situation where everyone is discussing.I don't know whether will you understand me.


    言 的意思是话语, 语的意思也是一样的。这两个是同义词。也就是,你说一句,我说一句。
    引申含义是 两个人讨论的很激烈。
    1.These twin sisters are telepathic . they speak together , or complete each others sentences , and move in unison to reject moon

    2. Aie , aie , aie , what have they been doing ? the voices of the prisoners could be heard crying on one side and on another as they looked at the burnt districts
    “哎呀,哎呀,哎呀,他们都干了些什么呀! ”俘虏们望着火灾遗址,你一言我一语地说。

    3. The girls chorussed . and while he exchanged the stupidities of stupid minds with them , before his inner sight towered the book - shelves of the library , filled with the wisdom of the ages

    4. For instance , one evening he said a charmingly epigrammatic thing in my presence . " la faloise meanwhile had heard the few rapid sentences thus whisperingly interchanged , and he gazed at fauchery in hopes of an explanation which was not vouchsafed him

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