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Learning Japanese .....I'm lost o_O

So yeah I have been studying japanese since a few week ..I've learn all the katakana and the hiragana but now I'm kinda of being lost in all the content that japanese has to offer !

1:Should I only focus on learning vocabulary words ? (currently what I'm doing and I only know how to write them in romanji or kana)

2: Should I go for the grammar ?( I already know the really really basic grammar and a few particules)

3: Should I start learning kanji ?( By the way i read on the internet about kanji radicals should i bother about learning them ?

Perhaps I should learn a little bit of the 3 at the same time ! Tell me what you think :)



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    As Ryoko has said, everyone learns differently. My strategy was to do all three at the same time, with a focus on grammar after Hiragana and Katakana. You'll be learning words and kanji for quite some time, so start right now, and do a little bit every day. I'm bad at rote learning, so the radicals are really important for me to make sense of the kanji. It's also a lot easier to remember the "Chinese-style" words if you can associate them with kanji. For grammar, I found this

    really helpful. I use Anki

    for kanji and vocubulary. There are quite a few pre-made decks, but I found that making my own was the best choice for me. Also, you need to actually hear spoken Japanese; it's impossible to pick up intonation and word stress just from reading. There are Anki decks with audio for example sentences, or go watch some Anime or J-Drama.

    I think each learner has her/his own way to learn for her/his interests. Some are interested in writing, in reading, listening Japanese ...the others are interested in speaking Japanese.

    In my opinion, the most important thing is learning hiragana and katakana first, reading and writhing them perfectly is needed when you start studying Japanese however being able to write only with the keyboard is enough if you want to skip practicing write them by hand.
    Knowing a lot of words and grammar is needed and they will help you learning Japanese, so I'd like to recommend you to practice with simple and short sentences. Of course, remembering kanji also helps you but you can communicate without kanji until you start to learning them.

    Plus, I think the other important thing is "enjoying learning". I'm sure that there are many opinions and mine is only one of them. I hope you find the best way for you. Good luck!

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