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How to learn kana?

Recently I started to learn Japanese. Training is easy at the moment, but I have huge problems with the kana. I have tried different ways of learning kana, but I still confuse some characters.
How to learn kana?

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    Just try and read a lot words especially these ones ソシン チテ コフク as they look similar. The more you read and differentiate them the better you will get ^_^. I actually have a whiteboard in which I wrote the katakana on it in large print, and in small print I wrote the hiragana counterparts near them, so if I forget a kana I can compare it so the hiragana. For example, とト かカ リリ   にニ やヤ  きキ うウ and a few more look similar to each other.

    When I first memorised them though, I used images. So for example ミ MI(e)toerite モ MOwer(as in lawn mower)  ノ NOse xD it looks like a nose. Assign meaningful images to what you see ^_^ If you want me to give you more examples of imagery for some kana let me know.

    Good luck!

    I would highly recommend the use of visual mnemonics (that's how I was taught hiragana 9 years ago, and I still haven't forgotten them despite never using Japanese).

    Essentially you visualise the kana as an image, and you say out loud what it is. As your mnemonic would have the same sound as the pronounciation (e.g. key for ki), it becomes easy to remember!

    Here's a few lists I found with a quick google, but feel free to make up your own, or reach out to me if you want to know what I use:


    Tons of practice! Flash cards help and there's a ton of smart phone apps for android and apple. You should be able to learn all kana within a couple of days. However, ツ、シ、ソ、ン、 are still hard to distinguish myself, after 3 months of learning japanese :)

    I did Hiragana the hard way and it took forever. After that when I finally tackled Katakana I found a good practice site.

    You can do both Hiragana and Katakana, as well as testing on different fonts. Pick a few rows to get comfortable with at first until you build yourself up. And remember it's always good to keep practicing even if you think you have it mastered.


    Keep in mind that Kana is only the very first step in learning Japanese. Don't get caught up and spend too much time with it. You may want to move to Kanji. Why work on crawling. Get up and walk instead.

    First time I studied kana, I started from categorizing.
    It might be easy to remember how to wright your name, and add one by one.
    Find the pair which are look-alike.
    For example, いand り, たand な, は and ほ. ま and ほ, etc...
    When you remembered a kana, mark it on your Japanese syllabary.

    Learning a new language requires long time and patience, but keep up at your own pace!
    Have a fun.

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