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how do i learn a language which is not commomnly spoken in my country

For learning: Portuguese
Base language: English
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    Try to find for yourself some Native speakers of that language and try to speak to them using the language you are learning. It will take you some time to improve but after a while you will improve and will be able to speak it fluently :D. That's how I learned to speak English.

    Hi Hendrina!

    You can search on internet for vídeos and audiobooks of the language that you want to learn.

    You can also download and install into you computer some software like "Skype", that will allow you to talk for free with people who are willing to teach the language wich you want to learn.


    Rosaine give you a good tip. others ways are - you watch tv or radio, read books or News. There your country a wide angolan community .You can look for one near your region and make friend. or there aren't one. You can use program (Skype is more popular) or chat on internet.
    bring the new language to your life. try to think and speak the things that you see everyday in new language. The things always you see .You remember easily.

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