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Is It Easier To Learn Arabic if I Already Know Hindi And Urdu ?

Over the past 5 years i've been learning HIndi and Urdu
NOw ... i'm thinking of Arabic,
And I was wondering if my knowledge in HIndi and Urdu can help me learn Arab faster ???
And is there any similarity which i can use to my advantage ?

For learning: Arabic
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    Well, I don't know too much about Hindi or Urdu, but I don't think that there are lots of similarities between them and Arabic. But what I know is that there are some borrowed words in Hindi and Urdu from Arabic I usually hear it in their movies. Besides Arabic and Urdu have the same Alphabets scripts but no similarities with neither grammars nor words' meanings.
    I think Urdu and Farsi are quite closer to each other than to Arabic.

    well, there are some words that are so close to arabic in hindi .. for ex. कानून (Kanun) in Hindi = law or rules .. is pronounced the same in arabic قانون (Qanon) .. having the same meaning.. so yes there is a slight closeness only in some pronounciations and meanings .. best of luck :)

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