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What is the difference between mag and gern?

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    My German isn't very good, but from what I understand 'gern' is an adverb while 'mögen' is a verb. Mögen is conjugates irregularly to 'mag'.

    Ich mag etwas. = I like something.
    Ich mache gern etwas. = I like doing something.


    mag is used to say that you like something or someone.
    for example...

    I like him. Ich mag ihn. Ich mag Brot. Ich mag Kaffee.
    Also note it takes the accusative case.

    conjugate mag in the following way. ich mag, du magst , wir mögen, Sie mögen, ihr mögt, er/sie mag

    there is also past tense, hat gemocht and simple past mochte,

    ich mochte Kaffee. I liked coffee. Ich mag Kaffee.

    gern is used for when you like doing something.

    Ich spiele gern Tennis.
    Ich koche gern.

    note that gern comes after the verb*

    or if you want to say you don't mind doing something...

    aber gern! or just gern.

    und so weiter.

    gern sometimes appears as gerne, which I don't think changes anything.

    I hope this helps and maybe any native speakers can clarify anything that I have missed.

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