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urgently to translate me any indian these lines !!plsss

You are the light in my eyes, the happiness in my heart, and just the thought of you leaving me breaks me into small and countless pieces.

So, on a day like today, do we promise to love each other through good and bad, for better or worse, until death do as part. And though we are not yet married, I will never break that vow. Also, I know you won't because the day I met you was the day my life began.

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    तुम से ही मेरी आँखों मे चमक और दिळ मे उमंगें हैं और केवल तुम से जुदा होने का ख्याल ही मुझे अनगिनत तुकडो मे बाट कर रक देता है |
    तो आओ, आज हम एक दूसरे से वादा करें की चाहे परस्थितियाँ अच्छी हो या बुरी हम हमेशा एक दूसरे से निशचळ(pure) प्रेम(love) करेंगे और अब सिर्फ मौत ही हमें अळग(seprate और part) कर सकती है | भळे ही हम विवाहीत नही है पर मैं अपना किया वादा ( या वचन ) सदा निभाउंगी |
    I am really sorry that I am not able to translate last sentence because I am in a little confusion with it. What you want to convey by " I know you won't".....are you want to say that he will not keep his promises or he will also never break his promise.
    I am an English learner and sometimes stuck with english can understand my position.

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