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How to say "i love u" to a FREIND ..

i know saying "i love u" in japanese is kind of a complicated case .. at least for Arabic (my speaking lang.) or for English simple ways of saying it .. i searched a lot and got really confused :/ .. so kindly would u tell me how to say it to a freind ? with Japanese letters and pronounciation ( in english letters if possible :) ) .. arigatou :) :)

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    The direct translation of "I love you" is 愛してる or 大好き but we don't say 愛してる to our friends. I think 大好き can be used between friends though it's rare in general. I'd like to recommend to say あなたはとても大切な友だち to express "love" to friends. However it depends on the relationship you have and the age or gender of your friends.

    I hope this was helpful.

    I love you 私は君を愛している(a direct way of speaking)私はあなたのことが大好きです(a euphemistic way of speaking)

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