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Whats the difference between this prepositions?

ما الفرق بين هذه خروف الجر التالي
خارج - بالخارج
داخل - بالداخل

Is there anny difference between them. Please if you could write an example with translation, to know how i should use them all.


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    you cannot use داخل without noun ,which is place or location. For example, Sami inside the room that means سامي داخل الغرفة , but you cannot say that : سامي داخل because داخل need a noun to complete the sentence.

    بالداخل you can use it itself without a noun . For example, سامي بالداخل means inside something.

    And notice that بالداخل has " the " " الـ " , so we do not need to use a noun after it , but داخل does not have .


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