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How do i use قبل/ من قبل/بين/ من بين

would you tell me please how to use this prepositions
بين - من بين
قبل - من قبل

As in qabla or min qabla.. is it possible to say min ba3da?? or something like that?

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And how do i use it? cuz I don't know the difference between qabla and min qabli)

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    Explanation in standard Arabic :

    بين = bayna...means: between

    من بين = min bayni...means: among

    قبل = qabla...means : before

    من قبل = min qabli "as a preposition" and at the end of the sentence pronounced (min qabl) "as adverb"....means : before "as adverb" , previously

    Example : I haven't seen this before. = انا لم ارى هذا من قبل

    Well, (qabla and min qabli) both mean "before" as prepositions, but it's not common to use (min qabli) as a preposition. More common to use it as adverb.

    Hope that was helpful,
    If you still have misunderstanding please let me know :)

    Good luck!


    In meaning there is no difference between بين - من بين or بعد - من بعد
    the difference is from grammatical side .

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