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Teaching myself Swedish

Wish to teach myself Swedish but really don't know how to start ..I have learnt some basic grammar, could begin some simple conversation such as talking abot the family,the weather, etc.
But how should I contine? Find some Swedish articles to read and remember the sentences? Watch some TV show to train yourself to accomendate to the language? Or do you havce some other nice solutions to deal with it?

Would be lovely if you can share your opinion. Thanks.

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    I'm from Sweden, if you have any questions about how to say certain things I'd be happy to help you

    Yes, that's basically what I did. Watch a lot of tv (, and read the newspaper every day (

    I translate every single word I don't know, and look into every grammatical structure I'm not familiar with. This takes extremely long, but is really effective. I now use a Swedish dictionary (Norstedts ordbok), so whenever I come across a word I don't know, I look it up in Swedish and read the Swedish description. (And if there's a word in the description I don't know I look that up as well.)

    And of course write alot. There are different big message boards where you can read and write about all subjects imaginable. Depending on your age and interests, and might be suiting. (Ungdomar for youth, Flashback for >18.) These boards are very useful for learning everyday use of Swedish, slang and vocabulary in different areas. The fun thing is that you can actually participate in these conversations / threads.

    Lycka till!

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