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What does this mean? Georgian to English

Rato cagshlidi
xobar gagijdi

---(someone's name)--- ravaa ras shveba

damireke tu gcalia
xo gavs


I think it has to do with someone being releived about something , and someone asking for them to call them because they are in a similar situation.....but im really unsure.

Im learning georgian through conversations that are being had around me. Nobody is translating or teaching me, but Im around it so much I have begun to pick some things up. Any help would be appreciated. Also, any tips on forming the sounds would be great!

For learning: Georgian
Base language: English
Category: Other


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    why would I delete you?
    are you mad? (it means: what are you talking about?/ you aren't right)
    (someone's name) ___ how is he/she?
    call me if you have time
    is it look like (something)

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