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Hebrew expressions: joke versus make fun of


I find in the dictionary various expressions for joking/kidding/mocking, but it is hard to know whether they are intended for a positive or negative meaning...

How do you express in Hebrew:

1) To mock someone, make fun of them, jeer them, laugh at someone, put them down
(in a negative humiliating way)
eg "The child went away crying because everyone was making fun of him and laughing at him"
eg "He was jealous of his friend so he started mocking him and putting him down"

2) To joke around, kid around, 'to pull someone's leg'
(joke in a positive, non-harmful way, just for fun, to ease the tension)
eg "I added some humour in my essay, I was joking around quite a bit"
eg "Don't take my comment seriously, I was just kidding around, I was just pulling your leg."

I would appreciate both slang and proper Hebrew. I prefer proper Hebrew, but it is useful to know also the slang. If there are many expressions, I appreciate seeing a few. Thanks so much!!
: )

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    היי לידיה,

    1. ללעוג למישהו/לצחוק על מישהו, לדוגמא: "הילד בכה מכיוון שכולם לעגו לו/צחקו עליו."

    2. להשתעשע/לצחוק, לדגומא: "אל תיקח את דבריי ברצינות, סתם צחקתי/השתעשעתי"

    אם את רוצה עוד דוגמאות כדי להבין, תגידי ואוסיף :-)

    יום טוב,

    to joke = להתבדח
    to mock = ללעוג
    to laugh = לצחוק

    the root ZHK often serves for all the above in spoken hebrew, so the framing is important
    צוחק על = laughing at
    צוחק עם = laughing with

    when in doubt, you may want to throw a noncommittal "סתם", to make it clear that you are JUST kidding.

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