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Tämä or Tämän?

Hi :) I have two sentences with tämä:

Käännä tämä suomeksi. (Translate this into Finnish.)


Tarvitsen tämän maanantaiksi. (I need this by Monday.)

I think tämä-n is the accusative form (in the second sentence), the object, but I don't understand why the -n is missing in the first sentence ..?

Thanks. ^^

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    You can also say "Ei tarvitse" without any subject, meaning "anyone, people in general", it is like a reflexive form (= it is not necessary to do something).

    I hope this is not too confusing.

    Finnish is not my mother language (I'm Italian) but I've been studying Finnish for many years and maybe I can try to reply to your question! :))

    (1) Käännä tämä suomeksi. (Translate this into Finnish.) It's correct because the verb is in the imperative form, after the imperative the object should be in nominative case (that's why there's no -n at the end of the word "tämä").

    (2)Tarvitsen tämän maanantaiksi. (I need this by Monday.). In this case "tämän" is the object.. but I think you can also say "tarvitsen tätä" (with partitive).

    Let's wait for the comments of native speakers :))

    Ok, I'll reply here. There are a lot of technical problems when I try to add new comments!
    sometimes you can use the partitive with the verb "tarvita" (for instance: Tarvitsen sinua, tarvitsen rahaa..), you can find some examples here: I don't think that you can say that partitive is ONLY for plural forms, uncountable forms and negative sentences, some verbs need partitive. After some verbs you need partitive, after some other verbs you need illatiivi or other cases, etc. There's a great book that could help you with that: It's very practical and you can also find it on the Internet.

    Ei tarvitse tätä maanantaiksi." ? (not "en tarvitsen" but "minun ei tarvitse", is that correct?) There's a difference between "en tarvitse" (not en tarvitsen) and "minun ei tarvitse". En tarvitse means "I don't need", "minun ei tarvitse" means "I don't have to".

    "Minun ei tarvitse" is the negative form of "minun täytyy/ minun pitää" (I have to).
    There's another way to say "I have to/ I don't have to": "minun on pakko/ minun ei ole pakko"

    Some examples:
    "Tarvitsen apua": I need help./ "En tarvitse apua" (I don't need help)
    "Minun ei tarvitse ostaa uutta takkia. Ostin uuden takin viime viikolla". (I don't have to buy a new coat. I bought a new coat last week).

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