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What does "ignorant" mean in Persian?

For example: Racist people are very ignorant.
Or: I was ignorant about cooking until I took a class to learn.

خیلی ممنون

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    I think "ناآگاه" is a better meaning for ignorant.

    it means " نادان "

    Racist people are very ignorant = نژادپرست ها خیلی نادان اند

    I was ignorant about cooking until I took a class to learn =
    من از آشپزی چیزی نمی دانستم، تا اینکه برای یادگیری (اش) به کلاس رفتم

    The second sentence can be translated word by word but it comes out a little weird " من در مورد آشپزی نادان بودم تا اینکه برای یادگیری (اش) به کلاس رفتم ".

    I hope it helps :)

    غافل Ghafel ....

    foolish,stupid, silly

    In your first sentence, ignorant means:
    نادان، دیوانه
    (=crazy, out of their mind)
    The [نادان] has a disapproving meaning behind it, and sometimes equals "idiot".

    But in the second sentence, ignorant does'nt have a disapproving meaning, but rather it refers to a lack of information and skill. In that case you have to say:
    ناآگاه، بی اطلاع
    (These two words are a bit formal, and you don't hear them in the everyday Farsi conversations.)
    However you can show this lack of information without using any of these words, but by using the verb [ندانستن]. Both of the approaches hold the same meaning in your sentence though.

    The word [غافل] is also a formal term and doesn't necessarily mean ignorant (=an idiot or crazy person), and it refers to someone who isn't aware of sth which is beneficial, so that he loses the opportunity of using it, OR someone who isn't careful about a danger, so that he loses the chance to act in time and get away from it, and then they find out about it when it's too late.

    Look at this famous poem, which is about book:
    من یار مهربانم/دانا و خوش بیانم
    پندت دهم فراوان/با آنکه بی زبانم
    از من مباش غافل/من یار مهربانم
    Look at the word [غافل] in the last verse.
    In the last verse, book is telling you that "Don't be unaware of me/I'm a kind companion". By telling don't be unaware of me, it wants us to not ignore it, and read it so that we can prosper.

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