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I was watching a internet tv program called: AstroTV Live-Stream which is from ausgsburg Germany my question is the following; Do they speak in standard german in that city? I would like to if all germany tv programs are in standard german.

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    AstroTV isn't a very good TV channel to watch. I wouldn't be surprised if some people in this program spoke dialect.

    In general, most TV programs are in standard German. In movies, series etc., sometimes characters speak (slight) dialect to add some "color" to the character. There are also some programs broadcast on the regional TV stations that are in dialect.

    See e.g. ARD ( and ZDF ( for programs that are mostly standard German. The newsspeakers on these TV stations also speak very clear and good German.


    Deutsche Welle might also be a good resource for you. They publish interesting articles, news items, radio programs and slowly spoken news reports.

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