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Explaining the Thai alphabet

I've been wanting to learn Thai for a while but can only do so online.
I've search for a while but no where does anyone attempt to explain how the thai alphabet works.

From what I understand you have unaspirated vowels and aspirated vowels and they have different characters? I also read somewhere that when writing, you have to put the vowel untop of the consonant?

I can't learn something I don't even understand.
Can someone please explain to me? And anything that I did not mention.

For learning: Thai
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    This video has a little revision at the beginning, which explains how the whole alphabet is constructed. It was really enlightening to me. :)

    In writing, vowels can be marked anywhere around the character. Then there are tone markers and length markers as well. Maybe it looks complex, but it's all there for a reason (I hope).

    Don't feel daunted - just get some useful phrases to start with, and work from there. :)

    I would recommend you this web :
    there's a lot of useful information there. you might start from the Reference session, it contains Thai's basic system. if you have any question you can ask me. cheer!

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