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Greetings in Persian

Salam bacheha,

Why, when meeting someone, does it seem that native Persian speakers say both Chetori? and Khoobi? Do you have to say both? And it appears that these are rhetorical questions because I have heard them said one after the other even if the other person has started to reply to the first question.

Merci. Rooze khoobi dashte bashi. (^_^)

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    Salam Arlana,
    Some people say both, and some other say just one of them. Usually when people want to seem very friendly or don't have much to say, use both of 'chetori' and 'khubi'.

    Have a nice day

    It's not an obligation saying both of them but you can do it!(but normally people don't say two greeting expressions which would have the same response) it's like in English, you may say:
    how are you?are you ok? (chetori?,khoobi?)but when some one is answering to the first one ,nobody ask the second question! because that would be automatically ridiculous ! hope it is useful to get your answer :)

    You're right, they're rhetorical questions and sometimes if someone responded your "Chetory?" question by a simple "Khoobam, mamnoon!", and then you ask the "Khoobi?" question in a charming and cheerful way, not only it's ok, but it's kind of more friendly especially when talking to a kid. You know some kids are so cute and lovely when they speak, that you don't wanna stop talking to them!!!!! hahaha... my niece is one of them!!!
    I think in English they say:
    -Hey, how're you doing? you're fine?
    -fine! thanks!
    or maybe:
    -Hey, how's it going with you? is everything allright?
    -yeah, thanks bud.

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