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What is " Крещенский мороз"?

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    Крещение - 19 of january (Orthodox Church)
    It's very cold this week, the coldest weather in the winter time and it´s called "крещенские морозы"

    there is church celebration in the middle of January-baptism ( крещение) Usually frost stands on the Asia's part of Russia. Here in Siberia temperature sometimes rich to 40 degrees below zero. those frost days are called Крещенские морозы.
    but some people here has tradition to swim out in ice-hole on church celebration Baptism. it is really cool.
    the same way has tittles other frost days in Russia, but i do not remember them now, it may be somebody help me to recall them

    Мороз = freeze
    Na rua há uma geada! = На улице (есть) мороз.
    Крещенский мороз =крещенские%20морозы%20фото&stype=image&lr=35&noreask=1&source=wiz

    Copie este link em seu navegador para ver as fotos. Leia sobre a fé ortodoxa.

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