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What are some interesting euphemisms in Russian language? Like when around babushka?

I'm asking this because, if I'm ever around a younger and more expressive Russian, I want to be able to say the sneaky form of (or the euphemism of) a slang or curse word. That would really be gettin it in my book.

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    It seemed that people here mostly don't understand what does euphemism mean)) Guys,euphemism is neutral word used instead of rude! I suppose that this link will answer on your question in details.

    Maybe the most widely used word is "Блядь" (whore, slut, bitch). In whole it means a woman of sexual work, but Russian people often use that word without any context, just to express any dissatisfaction, indignation, or fright, even pain. As euphemism you can use "Бляха-муха" (wodr-for-word, Plate-Fly)

    почитай "двач" тут в избытке ругательств, сленга и молодёжи.
    P.S. What is "when around babushka"? I can't understand it.
    Блин instead of блядь, пиздец.
    Фигня, хрень = хуйня.


    Here're some phrases instead of the well-known "блядь": ёкарный бабай, ёж твою медь, ядрёна вошь, писец, пипец, ёшкин кот.
    If not to say about curse words only, then it's more polite to say пожилой, зрелый instead of старый; нетрезвый instead of пьяный; нуждающийся instead of побирушка or бедный; одно место instead of уборная; etc.

    Вместо "х.й" (dick) - хрен, хер (уже само стало ругательным).
    ёперный театр, еще)

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