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I know that in Korean when every you can omit word 'you', you should do it bit I am wonder how to say following sentences:

You are really good friend.

Only you can do it.

I am learning Korean by TTMIK but they don't give lessons about pronouns.

So, how I will say:

She is my mother.
You are my friends.
They are my colleague.

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    I'll just write translation to these.
    You are really good friend : 넌 정말 좋은 친구야 / 당신은 정말 좋은 친구입니다.
    Only you can do it : 너만 할 수 있어! / 오직 너만이 할 수 있는 거야.
    She is my mother: 그녀는 우리 어머니셔 / 우리 어머니야.
    You are my friends : 넌 내 친구야 / 여러분은 제 친구에요(second one is you people are my friends)
    They are my colleague: 그 사람들은 내 동료들이야 / 이 사람들이 내 동료야

    당신 and 너 are the pronouns for you, with 당신 being more formal I believe. I think in other cases like for 'she' and 'they' you would use the name of the person or something like 'that person/woman/man.' But I'm not sure about groups.

    So for example, you are a really good friend: 당신은 진짜 좋은 친구.
    She is my mother (that woman is my mother): 그여자가 우리 어머니예요.

    I'm not sure if anything I've said is correct or not, so hopefully someone with more knowledge can add to this, but that's what I got so far!

    당신 can be used, but sometimes it has a bad connotation if misinterpreted (from what I remember).
    In 반말 its easy, because you can just use 너 (like Adara said). Otherwise, you need to learn what the other person's name or title (job) is, and refer to them as (name)-씨 or (title)-님 for formal language (makes me try and learn people's names fast, that's for sure!). I think there is another polite way of saying "you", but it wouldn't be as commonplace.

    In addition to 그여자 and 그남자, you could also use 그사람 or the collective 그사람들 for 'they'. You could also work your way around not using pronouns by saying "Here is my mother/여기 우리 어머니예요", "We are friends/우리가 친구예요"

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