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Why are some words used twice?

I have some 豆腐干and on the package it says "香香你的嘴。” first off what exactly does that sentence mean? It seems to be saying that it'll taste good or smell good for you mouth. Second, why is xiang1 (香)used twice in a row? I've seen other sentences with similar repetitions ( 说说, Etc.). Thanks for your help!

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    In Chinese, verbs can be reduplicated. The form for reduplicated monosyllabic verbs is "AA' or " A-A". However, the form for reduplicated bisyllabic verbs is "ABAB", and "一“cannot be added between the two syllables of bisyllabic verbs. For example: 看看, 说说,等一等,数一数,介绍介绍,etc.
    Reduplicating a verb has the function of implying a short duration for that action or the idea of giving something a try. In this sense, it is similar to adding"一下“ to the verb. --(From NPCR 2)

    This is kind of usage, the spoken language。中国人的习惯用法,口语化的,不是书面用语。在包装上面写这些口语化的东西,用来拉动消费者的购买。

    It's more cordial to express the function and result.It's better to close the distance of the consumer.

    Just spoken language。Advertising Creative.广告创意,有的词句并非原先的意思。

    it's one word consisting of two symbols

    It is just a spoken language, and advertising expression. It means that this kind of snacks is yummy. Thx.

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