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What does واجه mean and can you give me an example of how it's used?

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    I think it means ( to face something ) as it's written alone in that way, as to say : He has faced all the problems.
    لقد واجه جميع المشكلات
    ( has / have + v3 ) in English = ( لقد + past tense. ) in Arabic.


    واجه means faced
    Ex : he faced a problem with his boss.

    Face smth

    Best Wishes for you , I hope you success in your new languages
    First of all
    Face = It means in Arabic = - اِسْتَقْبَلَ , واجَهَ , قابَلَ , جابَهَ , واجَهَ
    to meet face to face
    He will face you at school
    Did you face her there ?
    there are two team will face you in stadium
    I hope you get it at least , If you wanna help , I can do my best to help you learn Arabic , follow me or send me message

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