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What does 'cry me a river' mean? And when it is used?

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    It is a sarcastic way of saying "I don't care" to someone who is complaining about something. Or, more literally, it means, keep on crying to me... until you have cried enough to fill a river.

    "Cry me a river" is a term used mostly in a sarcastic way to tell someone that even if they apologized, cried, complained or whined in front of you, you wouldn't bother to or care for that -in an unsympathetic way.

    A famous example is the hit song, "Cry me a River" by Justin Timberlake. The song is about a brokenhearted man (Justin) who learns about his cheating girlfriend but he doesn't bother to forgive her once he finds out - means he's telling her to "cry him a river" (cry buckets and buckets of tears which is not possible) but he won't bother, care or forgive her.

    You can read the lyrics of the song to understand better

    and the video of the song

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