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안녕히 계세요!

I have question about verb in phrase: 안녕히 계세요. Is this verb here 견디다?
But then imperative present informal high is 견디세요. So, what is the story behind 계세요?

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    Nope, the base form of it is "있다", and "계시다" is the honorific form of "있다".
    The ending "-(으)세요" is used to make a sentence into an imperative.

    계시다 + 세요 => 계세요.
    드시다 + 세요 => 드세요.

    However, "계세요" in "안녕히 계세요" is just a fixed expression when a guest leave like "안녕히 가세요", "어서오세요", etc.


    The verb is 계시다...

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