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verb+object How to use it? when?

Hi, I want to ask a question concerning apparently single verbs: 见面,照相,跳舞,洗澡,帮忙 etc。The examples I know are:

but 我想跟他见一个面。

I was told that I cannot say 我想跟他见面。so I understand I also should say 我想洗一个澡,我快要洗个澡了,我不会跳个舞, 在山上我照了很多相, 帮我个忙。
If its wrong, when should I use this kind of verbs? Can you give some explanation and examples of usage from everyday life?

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    Slap the face of that person who told u "我想跟他见面" isn't correct. Well, just a joke. Let's calm to comment on the issue in question.
    Among all the sentences you listed above, only "我快要洗个澡" and "我不会跳个舞" are wrong. You can't use such structures in the tense of proximate future and negative sentences. Hope this helps :)

    這是 離合詞

    『洗澡』 還可以說『洗了個澡』、『洗不洗澡』、『洗過澡』、『洗洗澡』、『洗了兩次澡』等

    見面,照相,跳舞,洗澡,幫忙 均屬 離合詞
    見面 : 見個面 / 我想跟他見面 / 我想跟他見個面 / 見他一面 我就安心了
    照相 : 照張相 / 我想跟他一起照相 / 我想跟他一起照張相 /在山上我照了很多張相
    跳舞 : 跳支舞 /我想跟他一起跳舞 / 我想跟他一起跳支舞 / 我不會跳舞
    洗澡 : 洗個澡 /我想洗澡 / 我想洗個澡 / 我快要洗澡了 / 我洗過澡了
    幫忙 : 幫個忙 /我想幫忙 / 我想幫他忙 / 我想幫他個忙 / 我想請他幫個忙

    量詞前之數詞為 一 時 一可省略

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