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the verb 'be' how to say it?

Please help. How to say that in chinese?
1. Mum says to son: you must BE a good boy
2. Don't BE shy
3. you shouldn't BE so careless.

I found sth like: 你一定要好起来
is 起来 necessary?

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    1) 做个乖孩子! (Literally, do an amenable boy)
    2) 别害羞!(literally, don't shy)
    3) 你不该这么不小心!(literally, you not should so not careful)
    As you might have discovered, the Chinese language doesn't very much like to use "be" verb.

    "起来"is necessary. It suggests a gradual convalescing process (after a serious disease or an emotional setback).
    你一定要好 means something else and isn't completely wrong, but u don't use it almost never. I can't give u a scenario in which it's used, it sounds unnatural but as I just said not necessarily incorrect.
    Hope this helps. :)


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