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How would you explain “planda” in the context?


Leandro flopped the dough over gently on the counter until it was smooth, fluid and solid at the same time. It would sleep overnight in a covered bowl. In the morning he would roll it flat, cut it with a machete into squares, spoon a dot of pineapple filling on each one, and fold it in a triangle, sprinkled with sugar grains soaked in vanilla. "Now you know- the secret for making the boss happy," Leandro said. "Cooking in this house is like war. I am the capitan of bread and you are my sergente mayor. If he throws out your mother you might still have a job, if you can make pan dulce and blandas."

How would you explain “planda” in the last sentence? Would you give me a picture of it?
PS: the story takes place in Mexico.

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    It's a sweet bread roll for breakfast

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