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how do you say "For studying in French,I need to learn French first?"in french?

which is the best way of study french?
how can I improve my accent?
please suggest me some books or TV programmes, thank you!

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    "Pour pouvoir faire mes études en français, il faut d'abord que j'apprenne le français."

    In my opinion, the best way to study French (or any other language) is to immerse yourself in the language. Try to speak from the first day, even simple phrases, build your vocabulary, write texts, listen to the radio and TV. Even if you don't understand a lot in the beginning, your brain will get used to the language. Repeat what you've heard, this will improve your accent. Speak with natives either in the city where you live or on Skype.

    There are many resources out there on the internet. Type "Learn French" in YouTube and you'll get a lot of videos. Radio France Internationale ( offer transmissions in easy French, TV5 has a language portal ( and with TuneIn ( you can bring the whole world of radio to your computer (or iPhone/Android). You might also want to check out the offerings of your local "Institut français".

    Good luck!

    Pour pouvoir effectuer mes études en français, il faudrait au préalable que j'étudie cette langue (le français)

    La meilleure chose à faire pour étudier le français est de converser avec ceux qui parlent cette langue; tu pourras ainsi déceler tous les contours. L'accent n'est pas un problème car il change en fonction des pays, des régions et des personnes. Il existe plusieurs programmes télévisés en français: TF1, Canal +, TV5, France 2, France 3, ...

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